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It’s a Matter of Reputation

Think about how you decide on a new restaurant or place for service to your vehicle? Typically, you look online at the reviews of the business to see what other people are saying who have visited the location. If the reviews are mostly positive, you will likely consider taking them your business, but if not, you’ll look for a different place for the services you need. Your online reputation is important to you. You need a team that offers management of this area of your online presence for your law firm.

What Can Be Done?

Unfortunately, most of the time, a business might turn to a company that offers online reputation management services when a negative review has been received. While it’s important to react to the negative review and work to request a number of positive reviews from clients and customers, there’s a better way to manage this part of your online presence. You don’t want one review to have a negative effect on your law firm, which means that your online reputation management begins the day that you have a website built for your law firm.

Start at the Beginning

Once you add a website to the list of ways you advertise your law firm and work to gain clients, you need to also be requesting reviews. If you know you have clients that have benefited from your services in the past, you need to start asking them for positive reviews that can be added to your website. When you build up a long list of positive reviews and a strong online reputation of giving excellent service to your clients, there will be less of a need for online reputation management services for your law firm when a negative review is received.

Push the Negative Away

One of the greatest challenges of online reputation management is making the negative reviews less visible to the public. Typically, the most recent reviews received show up at the top of the review list, which means that action needs to be taken right away. In order to restore the good name for your law firm, the right team of experts can post some of your positive reviews once a negative one has been received in order to move it farther down the list. You can also take action to resolve the negative feedback and then ask for a retraction or additional statement from that client to show that you’ve made things right.

A Lot of Necessary Work

Your online reputation is important, but as a lawyer, you might not have time to manage this part of your business. Let the team at Web Design You be your online reputation management team for your law firm. With their assistance, you can combat any negative feedback that shows up online with a barrage of positive comments and reviews that will help your law firm stand out as the one that potential clients want to turn to for your services.